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Liquid membrane ready for use in water-based dispersion, flexible down to -5°C, chlorine resistant, for waterproofing wet environments indoors and outdoors such as shower trays, swimming pools, balconies and terraces classed DM 01P as per EN 14891. Produced with very low volatile organic substance emissions.
Mesh, reinforcing fabrics or sealant tape is not required to protect corners making the installation faster and more economical.
Thanks to rapid drying the application of the product in multiple coats can be made quickly from on to the next, reaching full waterproofing in one working day. Coverings can be laid after only 24 hours from the application of the last coat.


Technical Features

  • Colour:Grigio
  • Application:Rullo, pennello o spatola liscia in acciaio
  • Drying time at +23° C:1a mano: 30 minuti / 2a mano: 4 ore
  • Consumption:1,6 - 2,3 kg/m²
  • Storage:24 mesi nelle confezioni originali in luogo fresco e asciutto. Teme il gelo
  • Packaging:secchi da 10 - 20 kg

Aqua Master

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